Dragon Crane Martial ArtsDragon Crane Martial Arts
building community health through martial arts and qigong
  • Exercise improves physical and mental health

  • but karate goes beyond that – it can boost your brain’s cognition too.

  • Youth show greater focus in the classroom

  • Adults training karate are better able to manage stress

  • That's why we open our doors to anyone who wants to learn

  • regardless of ability to pay.

Moving Arts After School - The doors are open

Improve mental health

Karate employs nature's mechanism of recycling stress because it demands 100% presence – a perfect application of the Zen concept “Be Here, Now!” Rather quickly, the body responds to life in the same way.

Cultivate Self-Discipline

Karate helps instill mental focus through movement, and discipline through tradition.

Embody Respect

Punching, kicking, throwing and locking are all secondary to respect for self, parents, teachers and peers.

Homework Help

Workout, snack, study. The same expectations apply to homework as in karate; discipline, pride, practice. The sooner they finish, the sooner they get to play.

Improved Fitness

Our training curriculum focuses on the needs and abilities of each individual. Strength and fitness is a natural outcome.

Engaged Community

In no time, students will feel part of a team – a community working together, supporting each other.

Happy Families

We look forward to our martial arts classes every week. The kids can't wait to come, and I love the workout. Family classes are great.
I've noticed a huge difference in Elaina's ability to focus at school. She seems more relaxed at home and just seems more confident overall. Thank you!
The adjustments you made for my back issues have totally worked. I never thought karate would be something I could do, but I can thanks to you.
Your sensitivity to my daughter's needs is truly extraordinary. She can't wait to come to class and show me what she's learned every week.

You can make a difference

Take classes at Dragon Crane

Change your body and mind by learning karate or qigong. We offer sliding fees to make our programs affordable, and half of your class fees supports our Movement Arts After School programs, so it's a win-win.

Shop Dragon Crane

You can also shop Dragon Crane for your own uniforms, gloves and wraps and other apparel. Profits from your purchases go directly to our Movement Arts After School program, so it's a win-win.

Make a donation

All donations to Dragon Crane go directly to our student and teacher programming.

Your donation pays teachers, and sponsors kids in our after school programs with tutoring help, nutritional snacks and outstanding wellness programming.

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