Robyn Lingen has served in leadership and teaching roles for more than 30 years, including 23 years in martial arts. She is currently the primary instructor at Dragon Crane, and volunteers her time.

She earned her Black Belt in Shaolin Kenpo Karate in 2006 under Professor David Meyer, 7th Degree Black Belt and student of Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro. She was awarded Fifth Degree Black Belt in 2019. Dragon Crane honors Ralph Castro's Shaolin Kenpo by seeking to carry on the techniques and traditions of this exciting and accessible martial art through a curriculum that is both modern and traditional, rigorous and accessible. 

In 2013, Robyn began studying Floating Monk Qigong which originates from the philosophy and technique of Jook Lum Ting Sing Qigong. Her sifu, Master Jeff Larson, a long time student and Enter the Gate Disciple of Grand Master Henry Poo Yee, is honored to have permission to share this knowledge publicly for the very first time. He has undertaken Sifu Robyn Mathews-Lingen as his first student fully trained sifu in the Qigong system. She is the only women in the United States certified to teach this important qigong.

Robyn has degrees in English and art from St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesoata. She has completed certification by the American Sports and Fitness Association in Self Defense Instruction and Martial Arts Fitness Instruction, 2016-2019. She is certified by the Brian Grant Foundation in their exercise for Parkinson's training program. Robyn is also a certified Life Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  

As creative director of Designwrite Studios, Robyn serves government organizations and non-profits in communications design, web development and customized training. She is the founding director of Dragon Crane, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to opening doors to personal development through Shaoling Kenpo and Qigong. 

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