We are committed to upholding and amplifying BIPOC voices. We are further committed to investigating our own priviledge so that we can embed racial equity into our work, engaging in active listening and supporting the messages of Black-led organizations and businesses.  

  • We oppose the killing of Black people by U.S. law enforcement.
  • We oppose the systems that encourage and enable these human rights violations. 
  • We oppose a system that emphasizes resources for oppression, policing, and imprisonment

We support the allocation of resources for wellness, education, and restorative justice. We also believe that communities need more than the reallocation of resources. We need systems changed. Dragon Crane will strive to be part of that change through humility and service, as martial artists, as business owners, as human beings.

We’re proud of belonging to an open, inviting, safe community where people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes can come together to move, connect, grow, break boundaries and build bonds.

You can learn more about the CoMotion Collective here.