Tuesdays, noon (50 minutes) Tapestry Dance Center 3748 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis Note: This...
Thursdays, 11:00 a.m. (50 minutes) Tapestry Dance Center 3748 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis...
Begins September 14 Thursdays, Noon (50 minutes) Tapestry Dance Center 3748 Minnehaha Avenue,...

Thursdays, 11:00 a.m. (50 minutes)
Tapestry Dance Center
3748 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis

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NOTE: This class is designed for people who have Parkinson's Disease or other neurological conditions with similar symptoms including tremor, slow movement, stiffness, and difficulty with balance. It is ideal for people who are seeking safe but challenging exercise to help gain strength, balance, and greater agility.

Our Thursday class focuses on strength and agility. This class introduces the choreographed movements with music, followed by high intensity training common in martial arts. Class ends with short form from Level 1 Ting Sing Qigong.  

Qigong promotes clear thinking and concentration and readies the body for an active afternoon. Practicing qigong at this time can lengthen the activation of the spleen, which works with your liver and your immune system. A healthy spleen produces antibodies when there is an infection, and constantly watches the blood for invaders. At this time of day, qigong is also working with the heart, building fire energy for emotional balance toward an active and productive afternoon.

In this class, you will learn the art of working with your body and breath to promote internal vitality and wellness. 

This class blends together movements from Floating Monk Qigong (Jook Lum Ting Sing Tong Long Pai), which focuses on the rise and fall of energy in the body guided by breath, and high intensity movements from Shaolin Kenpo karate taught as dance. The attention state training associated with karate is particularly beneficial for mind-body connection.

The movements of the Qigong are very concentrated and minimal, activating a great deal of internal energy and using lesser muscles of the core and legs. Elements of the Eight Pieces of Brocade are introduced. The full-body movements from Shaolin Kenpo are characterized by multi-directional movement and high intensity interval training. 

New students are welcome join an ongoing class at any time. The movements are easy-to-follow and the guided practice will provide all the cues you need to follow along. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Please bring clean dry shoes for class. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floors so we can keep them clean and safe!

COVID-19 precautions: 
Tapestry Dance Center has installed state-of-the-art HVAC which circulates all of the air in the studio 5 times per hour. However, Shaolin Kenpo and Qigong is an exercise of deep breath work, high intensity training and meditation. The deeper your breath, the more you benefit. Additionally, students work closely with partners, and social distancing is generally not possible. That's why we require all participants to be vaccinated. These parameters may change along with the impact of COVID variants. Learn more about COVID policies. 

Sliding Fees
In accordance with our mission, Dragon Crane opens doors to movement arts regardless of ability to pay. To that end, simply place what you can into the red envelope at the beginning of class. 

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What People Say


I have been taking QiGong classes with Sifu Robyn for several months now and can feel the beneficial effects in my body and mind. I always feel better after every class. Sometimes, during the class I think this is so simple and slow, how can it be helpful? I feel the meditative benefits of the movements with the deep focused breath work. I feel improvements with my balance and strength. I had a goal of being able to play Pickleball and I am now doing it! I'm very grateful for this experience.


I have really enjoyed the Qi Gong class you offer. What I love about the class:
- getting grounded
- movement - muscles I don't use every day
- massaging my internal organs
- getting healthier, stronger, better balance
- the pace is perfect for me at this time.
Many of the movements we do are similar and reinforce my P.T. exercises.
Thank you so much for offering us this opportunity
~ Kelly


As I age, Qigong is the perfect class for me. Anyone at any age or physical ability can learn and practice it. No special equipment or clothing is needed. It meets me where I am on any given day.
The in-person class setting with time for questions, explanations and demonstrations is very helpful.
As a result of the class I have noticed an increase in my energy level. I am less stressed. I feel physically and emotionally stronger and more flexible. The benefits are subtle yet profound which reflect my opinion of the actual practice as well.
~ Susan

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Dragon Crane opens doors to classes and events to anyone seeking to learn, regardless of physical or financial ability.

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