Shaolin Kenpo and Qigong is an exercise of deep breath work, high intensity training and meditation. The deeper your breath, the more you benefit. Additionally, students work closely with partners, and social distancing is often not possible. That's why we require all participants to be vaccinated. Please bring your vaccination card and photo ID to your first class.

You may also wear a mask for additional protection if you are comfortable doing so while training. Every effort is made during forms and deep breathing exercises to maintain social distancing of 6 feet. Masks are strongly encouraged while in shared public spaces such as lobbies and bathrooms. These parameters may change along with the impact of COVID variants.

Nothing is more important to us than the healthy and well being of our students.

At Tapestry Folk Dance Center

Beginning August 16, 2021, Tapestry Fold Dance Center will be requiring proof of vaccination and Dragon Crane will comply with this requirement. 

"To keep Tapestry communities as safe as possible, everyone entering Tapestry Folkdance Center will need to provide proof of vaccination. This can be done by showing the vaccination card, a photo of the card, OR an image of the card on your phone. The name on the covid card needs to match a photo id. There will be a person at the door checking cards and ids."

Tapestry also strongly recommends wearing an N95 mask when in the lobby, restrooms, and kitchen.

At St. Paul Ballet

Currently, St. Paul Ballet is encouraging the use of masks and social distancing to help keep the Delta variant of COVID-19 at bay. Because of the deep breath work that is part of Dragon Crane classes, we do require that our participants are vaccinated. 


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