NOTE: Currently offline and will be resuming in May 2022.

Build Strength, Energy and Balance

Learn to use your breath, body and mind to improve energy and health! The gentle, easy-to-learn movements of Qigong pack a powerful punch when it comes to strength, energy and balance. 

These exercises work on 36 main pressure points to jumpstart powerful whole-body connections that help you get stronger mentally and physically. You will learn to breath and move in a way that builds muscle and bone, strengthens heart, lungs and kidneys, and reduces stress. 

Morning Qigong Online

We are offering qigong classes online. Here is a basic overview of class progression.

First: learn the basic stance, breath and arm positions for the practice sequence which includes taking your place on the earth, yin/yang and pacing breaths, close connection, Q and A

Second: review stance, movement and breathing concepts, 2 short practice sequences followed by qi river washing, Q and A

Third: review stance, movement and breathing concepts, 1 short practice, 1 long practice through Qi river washing

Ongoing: add pre-practice stretching, add post-practice movements including circle walk, plucking stars, drawing swords and more.

You will need a space that is large enough for you to stretch your arms above, in front, and to each side or your body. Clothing need not be athletic wear, but you should be able to move freely in what you are wearing. Avoid shirts with buttons. Your space should be quiet and free from distractions. 

We’re proud to support an open, inviting, safe community where people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes can come together
to move, connect, grow, break boundaries and build bonds.