St. Paul Ballet’s vision is to lift the human spirit through the art of ballet. We love this. And that's why we are excited to be opening classes at St. Paul Ballet. The studios are fantastic venues for learning and well suited to the movement arts we teach.

St. Paul Ballet is located at 655 Fairview Avenue North in Saint Paul. Their studios are within the Element Gym space.

St. Paul Ballet is entering it's fifth year of collaboration with Element Gym, extending their community beyond the studios to embrace what looks like the most unlikely partnership on the surface, but is actually a shared vision for uniting community around movement, health, hopes and dreams. Dragon Crane is honored to be part of this wider community through a variety of collaborative efforts including the Parkinson's Program in 2021.

St. Paul Ballet promotes a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere that celebrates inclusiveness and values all body types. These are principals that are critically important to Dragon Crane. We teach arts that are intended to uplift all people with movement, fun and wellness. St. Paul Ballet's website states that 'there is no substitute for actively participating in art." Our collaboration with St. Paul Ballet supports and affirms this. 


We’re proud to support an open, inviting, safe community where people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes can come together
to move, connect, grow, break boundaries and build bonds.